Dust Collector with Cyclone
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Dust Collector with Cyclone

High quality Dust Collector with Cyclone is offered by China manufacturers Huixin. Buy Dust Collector with Cyclone which is of high quality directly with low price.

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Product Description

Huixin is a leading China Dust Collector with Cyclone manufacturers, suppliers and exporter.

Technical characteristics

Dust Collector with Cyclone uses the centrifugal force produced by the rotating airflow to separate the dust from the airflow. Compared with the settling chamber using gravity alone, the centrifugal force acting on the dust in the cyclone dust collector is 5 ~ 2500 times larger than the gravity force. In an inertial dust collector, the airflow simply changes its original direction, while in a cyclone, the airflow completes a series of rotating motions, resulting in a larger centrifugal force. Therefore, the dedusting efficiency of Dust Collector with Cyclone is higher than the above two dedusting equipment, and the minimum particle size can be separated by small, the minimum can be up to 5 ~ 10μm. When dealing with the same air volume, the area is small and the structure of the equipment is compact, but the resistance of the cyclone is higher than that of the settlement chamber and the inertial dust collector, so the power consumption is larger than that of them.

Dust Collector with Cyclone is widely used because of its simple structure, no moving parts, low cost and small maintenance and management workload.We have been proud from the higher consumer gratification and wide acceptance due to our persistent pursuit of high quality both on product or service and service for China Gold Supplier for China Environmental Protection Equipment for Sale Industrial Cyclone Separator Dust Collector, With a wide range, high quality, realistic price ranges and very good company, we are going to be your finest enterprise partner. We welcome new and previous buyers from all walks of lifetime to contact us for long run company associations and acquiring mutual good results! China Gold Supplier for China Industrial Dust Collectors, Dust Cyclone Collector, We are looking forward to cooperating closely with you to our mutual benefits and top development. We guaranteed quality, if customers were not satisfied with the products' quality, you can return within 7days with their original states.

Cyclone Dust Collector

Structure and working principle

It is composed of a cylinder body 1, a cone 2, an intake pipe 3, a top cover 4, an exhaust pipe 5 and an ash outlet 6.

Dust-containing airflow from the intake pipe at a high speed (15 ~ 20m/s) into the dust collector along the tangent direction, rotating in the ring between the cylinder body and the exhaust pipe. This air flow, squeezed by the incoming air, continues to rotate downward (as shown in the solid line), extending from the cylinder to the cone and to the base of the cone. When it can no longer spin down, it turns up, rising with the rotating air below the exhaust pipe (shown in the dotted line), and then out of the exhaust pipe. The entrained particles in the airflow move towards the wall of the dust collector due to the action of centrifugal force. As a result of the downward movement of the air, coupled with the help of gravity, so that they enter the ash hopper and deposit.

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