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Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment

Fujian huixin environmental technology co., LTD was set up formally in 1989, as one of the professional China Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment For Large Catering Places manufacturers and China Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment For Large Catering Places factory, we are strong strength and complete management. Also, we have own exporting license. We mainly deal in making a series of Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment and so on. We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation. We assure you of our high quality services at all time.

Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment include Kitchen Waste Microorganism Treatment Machine, Kitchen Waste Intelligent Reduction Processor, Kitchen Waste Pretreatment Equipment, etc. The equipment through physical, mechanical, biological fermentation and other comprehensive technologies will be food waste screening, impurity removal, crushing, squeezing and other pretreatment, in cooperation with the beneficial microorganisms for fermentation, and finally after drying and sterilization to generate useful products. The equipment using the new technology and the new composite material technology, the application of the unique patent design, in one fall to solve the low efficiency in the kitchen waste treatment of dry and wet separation, oil and water separation process problems. The equipment is used together with the microorganism processor. A set of pretreatment can be equipped with one or more waste microorganism treatment equipment.

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As a Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment suppliers in China, Huixin has always maintained a low price, while focusing on improving Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment quality. With the development of the times, our factory began to develop international trade. We are your trustworthy made in China, and 1 year warranty can provide you with guarantee.
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