What are the advantages of waste incinerators for harmless waste treatment?


Introduced waste incineration technology, developed and produced waste incinerators that can harmlessly treat common industrial waste, metal waste, slaughter waste, and special waste from hospitals and other units. The volume of the residue is reduced by more than 90% and the weight is reduced by more than 80%), and the treatment is thorough.
After the garbage passes the relevant control and operation, the garbage enters the incinerator, which needs to go through three stages of drying, combustion and burning. The organic matter in it is completely burned at high temperature to generate carbon dioxide gas and release heat. However, in the actual combustion process of the incinerators produced by some manufacturers, the combustion conditions in the incinerator cannot achieve the desired effect, resulting in incomplete combustion. In severe cases, a large amount of black smoke will be produced, and the slag discharged from the incinerator also contains organic combustibles.
The influencing factors of waste incineration include: the nature of waste, residence time, temperature, degree of turbulence, air excess coefficient and other factors. Among them, residence time, temperature and turbulence are called "3T" elements, which are the main indicators reflecting the operating performance of the incinerator. The properties, residence time, temperature, turbulence and excess air coefficient of the waste are analyzed and used to guide the management and operation of the waste incinerator. Basically, combustible solid waste can be incinerated by pyrolysis gasification furnace, but there is one point to pay attention to, the high temperature pyrolysis gasification furnace should adopt the technology of secondary pyrolysis gasification to solve the harmful waste gas generated during primary incineration. . To meet the secondary pyrolysis gasification, it is necessary to ensure that the furnace temperature of the incinerator is kept above 850 degrees.

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