Principle of Waste Handling Systems


Laboratory water spray environmental protection system
The water spray exhaust gas treatment system in the laboratory is used to treat the chemical acid mist discharged from the laboratory exhaust system during the experiment.
working principle
The fan drives the chemical acid mist through the water spray device, and encounters the neutralized liquid sprayed into a fine mist, and the exhaust gas is absorbed to the surface of the fine droplets and discharged to the collection tank
Inside, the clean air is further filtered and defogged and discharged into the atmosphere.
The liquid is pumped from the collection tank to the nozzle on the upper part by a pump, and is discharged into the collection tank after neutralizing reaction with the exhaust gas. The waste liquid is discharged to the outside or recycling after treatment.
Ring use. The use of a suitable neutralizer can enhance the treatment effect of the water spray exhaust gas treatment system.
The principle of organic exhaust equipment treatment: the organic waste gas in the production process is collected through the air pipe, and the activated carbon tower is used
Absorb exhaust gas to achieve the goal of a good production environment and emission standards. Adsorption process: due to the presence on the solid surface
There is unbalanced and unsaturated molecular gravity or chemical bonding, so when the solid surface is in contact with the gas
It can attract gas molecules, make them concentrate and keep them on the solid surface. This phenomenon is called adsorption. Utilize solids
The adsorption capacity of the surface makes the exhaust gas contact with the porous solid material on the large surface, and the pollutants in the exhaust gas are
It is adsorbed on the solid surface to separate it from the gas mixture to achieve the purpose of purification.
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