Village level small garbage pyrolysis furnace


The village level small-scale garbage pyrolysis furnace is a device that can effectively handle the daily household waste of villagers. With the continuous development of urban and rural economic development and the increase of village and rural population, the treatment of household waste and waste has gradually become an issue that cannot be ignored. Small village level waste pyrolysis furnaces can provide effective solutions for the harmless treatment of rural waste.

The basic principle of designing village level small-scale garbage pyrolysis furnaces is to meet the requirements of garbage treatment work, and combine it with the actual situation in rural areas to comprehensively utilize the generated ash and waste gas, and solve various problems in waste treatment. The equipment mainly consists of furnace body, furnace, storage tank, chimney, control system, and other parts. Garbage is transported through storage tanks and enters the furnace for combustion and pyrolysis. After the garbage is burned, the generated water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter are discharged and treated. The hot gas is discharged through the chimney, and the generated ash can be used for weeding in farmland or producing building materials such as bricks and cement.

After the pyrolysis of garbage through village level small-scale garbage pyrolysis furnaces, the various hazards of the waste can be effectively reduced, while also reducing the environmental pollution caused by sanitary landfills, saving investment, and cleaning costs. He also promoted the recycling and conservation of resources, reduced the total amount of waste treatment, and used it as fertilizer in the production of crops. The village level small-scale garbage pyrolysis furnace not only conforms to the current development concept of "circular economy", but also improves the quality of production and life of farmers and promotes sustainable development of rural economy.

In short, village level small-scale waste pyrolysis furnaces are a very effective equipment for village waste treatment. Compared to traditional landfill and incineration methods, it not only has low pollution, more environmentally friendly treatment methods, but also can save costs. In practical use, tailored design and supervision management can be carried out based on the size of the village and the amount of waste generated, achieving the goal of harmless waste treatment and making due contributions to social development and ecological protection.

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