Vehicle Mounted Mobile Pyrolysis And Decomposition Furnace


The vehicle mounted mobile pyrolysis and decomposition furnace is a mobile device that can handle organic solid waste anytime and anywhere. By high-temperature pyrolysis and decomposition, organic waste can be converted into useful gaseous and liquid energy, while generating remaining solid residues. The device mainly consists of storage containers, heaters, flue gas purification equipment, and unloading devices.

The working principle of a mobile pyrolysis and decomposition furnace in a vehicle is to load solid waste into a storage container and heat it through a heater and igniter, thereby triggering a change in the internal quality of the waste. Solid waste first undergoes slow heating, then undergoes high-temperature pyrolysis, and finally transforms into useful gaseous and liquid energy. During this process, the generated flue gas will be treated by flue gas purification equipment to meet emission standards. At the same time, the remaining solid substances can be further processed for the production of building materials such as bricks and road surfaces.

The advantages of a mobile pyrolysis and decomposition furnace are:

(1) Large processing capacity, capable of efficiently handling large amounts of solid waste.

(2) Strong mobility, capable of operating in different locations, meeting the requirements for temporary waste disposal.

(3) The treatment process is safe and efficient, with noise and exhaust emissions meeting national standards.

(4) The waste treatment process is fast and can reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

(5) The secondary utilization of residues can effectively reduce the pollution of solid waste to the environment and reduce the loss of renewable resources.

In practical applications, vehicle mounted mobile pyrolysis and decomposition furnaces are mainly used for harmless solid waste treatment in fields such as farmland, urban environmental sanitation, and landscaping. Especially in remote areas where electricity is not available and solid waste treatment and utilization facilities are lacking, this vehicle mounted waste treatment device can quickly and effectively solve the problem of solid waste treatment.

However, there are also some limitations to the vehicle mounted mobile pyrolysis and decomposition furnace, such as limited processing capacity and high equipment costs, which need to be considered and addressed in relevant planning and design. Overall, the vehicle mounted mobile pyrolysis and decomposition furnace is an efficient and convenient solid waste treatment equipment, and is a very promising green environmental protection technology.

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